Welcome to Living Gaia! A holistic healing biotope emerges here, a seminar and training center where people encounter in trust, truth and kindness and take responsibility for the whole. Here on this page you find a lot of information about Living Gaia. For more recent photos check our Facebook page.

Report on the "Encontro" Huni Kuin

in March Alexandra travelled to an  "Encontro" Meeting of the people of the Huni Kuin our partners. here is an article about the whole thing (in german).

Exchange Camp with women from the Huni Kuin

In the second half of July we will make an exchange camp with 5 women from the Huni Kuin,  more information.

Participate and tackle in

between June 20th and August 5th there is the possiblity to partcipate and tackle in more information.

Living Gaia Video