Cooperation with the Huni Kuin

Living Gaia cooperates with the people of the Huni Kuin in Jordao, in the state of Acre in Brazil. The Huni Kuin live in the forest near the border to Peru.
It is a big concern for us to share and bridge
the knowledge and wisdom of the
indigenous cultures in the Amazon with the knowledge and wisdom of Western cultures. In our times it seems very important to connect the indiginous world and the modern world, to exchange knowldedge and create something new from that. That is why we are very happy about the close relationship that we have built up with the people of the Huni Kuin.

Our cooperation is taking place at different levels:

  • We support the Cooperativa Huni Kuin and would like to convert for the municipality of Jordao one boat on solar energy together with the SolarWaterWorld AG from Berlin. For this project we are looking for financial supporters.
  • We are establishing an intensive exchange with the Huni Kuin on Living Gaia. The first camp took place in July 2016. This camp will be held regulary always the last two weeks of July.  more information here.

Furthermore we have the following activities going on:

  • We support the projects of the Huni Kuin to build Lago Lindo as a cross-cultural community center by collecting donations for it.

At the moment we need 10.000 Euro to build the water system for Lago Lindo. Here is a detailed description of the project. Please help to build Lago Lindo and donate on our donation account.

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Below you find pictures from the Xina Bena Festival 2013 and the Encotro in April 2016 both taking place in Jordao, Acre, Brasil.