Exchange Camp

Exchange Camp  - Encontro with people from the Huni Kuin

2017 we invite you to our second exchange camp with people from the culture of the Huni Kuin. Pictures from our first Exchange camp in 2016 you find here.

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This exchange Camp will take place in the second half of July 2017, July 15 -25.We will spend 10 days together to exchange and to learn from each other, to come to know each other. We will have daily classes in portuguese and exchange ideas on many subjects. We will be doing ceremonies together and embed everything into the integrative framework of Living Gaia.

We are looking forward to

Txana Bane and Kathy Makuani with Linda Menuani

Txana Bane is pioneer in traditional ceremonies Nixi Pae outside the villages and founder of the group Guardians of the forest Huni Kuin from Rio de Janeiro. Txana is the son of Sia, leader of the Huni Kuin of Jordao and also important leader of his

people. He is currently sharing his time between the forest and Europe. Kathy Makuani, the German wife of Txana Bane, leads with him ceremonies in Europe and Brasili and asserts her influence in a balanced spirituality. They come with their daughter Linda Menuani.

Ozelia Sales

Ozelia is the sister of Sia and leader of the village of Novo Natal. There she has a large plantation of medicinal plants. She is a midwife and plant keeper.

Benedita Pinheiro Domingo with Alice Itá Domingo and Joseane Mawapae Sales

Benedicta is the wife of Bane Sales a well-known spiritual leader of the people Huni Kuin. She comes with two daughters.

Antonio Maia

Antonio comes from the village of Coracao da Floresta. He is a guardian of the family, lives in Jordao and goes to the evening school to learn more Portuguese. Antonio is father of 3 children. Antonio has a lot of energy, always a helping hand and would like to learn more from other cultures.


Mukani lives in Jordao since her husband died. She plants medicinal plants on her property, is a wonderful grandmother and makes beautyful traditional ceramics work. With her 74 years she is very open and is looking forward to contact with other cultures. She likes to laugh and joke with her cousins.

Batani with Felicio

Batani is the mother of 6 children. She lives in the village Luz da Floresta. Batani feels very much in this new time and wants to integrate the teachings of other cultures into her life deeper. It is exciting and nice for her to bring her baby to Living Gaia. To be body painted by her does very well.

Iquani with Maria Lucia

Iquani lives with her 4 children and husband in the village Luz da Floresta. Together, you make diets to study the traditional medicine. She also feels very much in this new era and supports and carries this new force into her community. Her 13 year old daughter is always a support to her and also learns the traditional works and songs.

Joao Sales Paulo Kaxinawa and Marnilza Durico Kaxinawa with Gerciane

Joao and Marnilza have three daughters and live in the village Flor da Floresta. Her youngest daughter brought her with her. Joao and Marnilza are also very interested in getting to know other cultures and to exchange ideas.



Together, we will spend an exciting time that brings inspiration and new knowledge to everyone involved. We are very happy that a whole group of Huni Kuin of different generations come to Living Gaia.

Fees, board and lodging for pioneers

Program 10 days 350,00 Euro

Lodging in tent: free

Meals per day: 10,00 Euro per person

Fees, board and lodging for everybody else

Program for 10 days 490,00 EUR

Lodging in tent: 15 Euros per person

Meals per day: 10,00 Euro per person

Workcamp with Dada

Dada is pleased by support in finishing several construction projects on Living Gaia. The workshop has to be completed, work around the house must be finished and also at the campsite are things to be done. In case you want to participate some time between March/April or July/August 2017 just write an email to Dada is happy if a few energetic people join him.