The Team

Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling

I was born in 1964. I am a book author, business economist, psychologist, senior and teaching coach as well as founder and managing director of Living Gaia e.V. and Coaching Spirale GmbH in Berlin. The earth is very close to my heart. I wish for a more people and life friendly culture in many areas. Much of what we do seems normal to us, but is not natural at all but actually hostile to life and destructive. I care about the balance of masculine and feminine principle, both in every human being and in the economic and social structures and in the whole world. Both concerns belong together for me. I can be reached at


I am Alexandra's and Dada's daughter. Professionally I am a psychologist, coach, psychological healer and co-founder of the association Ainbu Dayá in Brazil. I am fascinated by nature and the earth in all its beauty, complexity and diversity. It is a matter close to my heart to work for the protection of nature. I have been working with the Huni Kuin tribe for 8/9 years. I love living in the Amazon, in the villages of the Huni Kuin, where people live in appreciation and harmony with wild nature. I am fascinated by their communication through prayers and traditional songs. Over time, many deep friendships, connections and shared visions have been formed. At Living Gaia my focus is to realize projects together with the Huni Kuin women in the forest, but also in Europe. Through the close connection to the Huni Kuin women, my Brazilian as well as German roots, I work a lot as a bridge between the Huni Kuin and the people in Europe and Brazil.

At I can be reached as a contact person.


My connection with Indigenous peoples in Brazil began in 2016 when I produced a documentary with the Pataxó people in Bahia. Since then, my focus has been on supporting Indigenous societies and protecting biodiversity in Brazil. In 2018, I completed my Master's in Primate Conservation and from then on worked in environmental education, as well as scientifically on the impact of poaching on biodiversity and on the impact of evangelical missionary work on Indigenous cultures. Since 2021 I work as a project manager for Living Gaia e.V.. The work fulfills me because species conservation and the protection of indigenous cultures are implemented in concrete projects here. Feel free to contact me if you have general questions about the work of our association or specifically about the land purchase project with the Huni Kuin, or if you are interested in volunteering.

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I was born in Berlin in 1987. In 2015 I met Alexandra and her family, since then a multi-layered friendship has developed. When I decided to cancel my sails in Hamburg as a speech therapist in 2017, I traveled to Brazil for the first time and participated in the Encontro on Living Gaia, the healing biotope. Afterwards I visited the Amazon of Acre and dived deeper into the indigenous culture of the Huni Kuin. Both places with their different, beautiful nature and people gave me many (self-)insights and inspirations.

I want to support the Huni Kuin women, promote intercultural exchange and protect our planet! My voluntary work for Living Gaia e.V. connects and puts this into reality piece by piece.

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