Living Gaia e.V. & the Huni Kuin

Since 2013 Living Gaia e.V. has been cooperating with the Huni Kuin people in Jordão, in the state of Acre in Brazil. The Huni Kuin live there in the rainforest in the border area to Peru.

It is our great concern to combine the knowledge and wisdom of the indigenous cultures of the Amazon with the knowledge and wisdom of western cultures. Especially in today's world, it is extremely important to bring together the indigenous and the modern world and to let new things emerge from the exchange. That is why we are very happy about the close connection we have established with the Huni Kuin, such as our encontros and donation projects.

The Huni Kuin

The Huni Kuin are an indigenous tribe in the state of Acre, Brazil. They have been contacted for about a century, have gone through various phases of suffering and have narrowly escaped extinction. They fight to protect their culture, which is completely interwoven with the rainforest and its wildlife.

They strive to pass on their diverse knowledge of the forest to future generations so that it will not be lost. The forest means protection, shelter, food, medicine and school of life. The Huni Kuin have recovered from decimation. About 4.000 of the 16.000 Huni Kuin live in 32 villages along the rivers Jordão and Tarauacá. The territory allocated in the demarcation process of the 1980s is already too small.

In addition to everyday problems such as food shortages, drinking water pollution and inadequate medical care, it is above all the continuous loss of the forest that threatens the future of coming generations.

There is a very informative 30-minute long film about the Huni Kuin and their history (in Portuguese with English subtitles).