Cooperation with the Huni Kuin

Living Gaia cooperates since 2013 with the people of the Huni Kuin in Jordao, in the state of Acre in Brazil.

The Huni Kuin live in the forest near the border to Peru. It is a big concern for us to share and bridge the knowledge and wisdom of the indigenous cultures in the Amazon with the knowledge and wisdom of Western cultures. In our times it seems very important to connect the indiginous world and the modern world, to exchange knowldedge and create something new from that. That is why we are very happy about the close relationship that we have built up with the people of the Huni Kuin.

Our cooperation is taking place at different levels:

* We  established a regular intensive exchange with the Huni Kuin on Living Gaia. The first exchange camp took place in July 2016, the second and third in July 2017 and 2019. The next Encontro camp will take place in 2020, July 19th-25th. For further information about the program of the Encontro click here.

* We collect donations for the project "Land purchase in the Amazon". Due to the current events in Brazil, indigenous people and the Amazon - the lungs of the earth - are threatened. We are looking for financial support so that the we can buy land in Jordao and thus secure its endangered habitat.

* We support Batani Huni Kuin in acquiring a house for herself and her children in Jordao to establish a women's union.


For more infos about the history and life of the Huni Kuin there is a very good short film -> click here.

Below you find pictures from the Xina Bena Festival 2013 and the Encotro in April 2016 both taking place in Jordao, Acre, Brasil.