Current Events

Gathering of Huni Kuin Women

Regular meetings are the central instrument of the Ainbu Dayá association. Only through direct exchange can knowledge be passed on between the generations and concrete problems be discussed. However, such meetings are a logistical challenge: women from 36 different villages need transport to the village hosting the meeting. A meeting lasts about a week. It is planned, conducted and led by the Huni Kuin women themselves. Topics of the meeting, apart from consolidating traditional knowledge, are the current living conditions, such as water supply, hygiene measures, medical care, political situation, family and education.

The structuring of the women also facilitates cooperation with external partners.

The first assembly will take place this April 2023. Thereafter, further assemblies are to be held at least every 2 years. While the focus of the first assembly is solely on Huni Kuin women, exchange and empowerment, future assemblies will also invite representatives of neighboring indigenous tribes.


Huni Kuin Europe Tour 2023

After a wonderful visit of Batani, Bunke, Nixi and Rita Huni Kuin in Europe in 2022, we're planning a tour with Huni Kuin representatives for summer 2023. More info will follow.