Yawanawa - Spiritual Songs from the Amazon

Thursday 21. Juni at19.00 Uhr takes place a very special evening

Ort: Coaching Spirale GmbH, Berliner Straße 53, 10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, U-Bhf. Blissestraße

Eintritt: 10.00 Euro

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We are very honored and happy to announce that after the very beautiful and deeply healing Yawanawa European Tour of 2017, three major spiritual leaders from this indigenous nation of the Brazilian Amazon will be coming once again to Europe in the summer of 2018:

Chief Nixiwaka, Putanny and Peû.
All have received direct teachings from the elders and gone through the higher spiritual initiations of the Yawanawa tradition.

The Yawanawa carry profound spiritual knowledge, which has been passed down from generation to generation, since time immemorial. They possess deep connection with the healing plants of the world’s most biodiverse region and a cosmovision of harmony with the natural cycles of life.

After nearly a century of domination and oppression, the people reconquered their land and freedom, reclaiming their ancestral culture and spirituality. Perhaps as part of a prophecy, this ancient wisdom from the Amazon, which only recently was opened to the Western world, has attracted more and more attention and changed
the lives of those who have had the privilege to connect with it.

This evening will be a chance to come to know Chief Nixiwaka, Putanny and Peû together with Txana Bane Huni Kuin and Kathy Makuani. They will present traditional songs and stories from their home in the Amazon Rain Forest in Acre, Brasil.