Informational Evening Living Gaia & Encontro Camp 2020

On Tuesday, November 5th 2019 at 7.30 pm, we would like to invite you to the next informational evening of Living Gaia in Berlin. We will talk about the Encontro Camp that will take place in 2020 from July 19th-25th. Impressions from the last Encontro can be found here.
Location: Living Gaia e.V., Berliner Str. 53, 10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, U-Bhf. Blissestraße

Please register via this contact form (select: Informationsabend Encontro Camp 2020) or directly at the facebook event.

Encontro Camp 2020

Self-awareness in the abundance of nature

In 2020 July 19th to 25th, the Encontro Camp will take place at Living Gaia, in keeping with the desire to deepen and reshape the relationship between people and the natural world.

"Encontrar" - find, meet, encounter in Brazilian. Creating encounters with nature, with oneself and with others. The Encontro Camp combines the Encontro format, which Alexandra has already conducted three times with her husband Dada on Living Gaia, with many years of coaching experience in Berlin acquired together with Christin Colli.


Who we would like to address

On the one hand, our Encontro-Camp is aimed at people who already know us and who are interested in going deeper with us. It is also aimed at all people who would like to have a new experience of being connected to the natural world and who are interested in exchanging experiences with indigenous cultures. In the various workshops and offers, from which you can choose, all levels, i.e. body, mind and soul, are addressed and included. Beyond your role in everyday life - as a private person, couple, mother, parents, employee, entrepreneur or self-employee - the time in the camp offers you the framework for a special encounter with yourself. Children and teenagers are very welcome and are looked after with their own programme during selected workshops.

In the quartet with their partners Dada and Claudio, Alexandra and Christin offer a transforming framework within the retreat "Encontro Camp", by what is present on Living Gaia and has already been created blends in a special way with their joint coaching work in Berlin. Embedded in the natural world, discussion rounds, personal processes and constellations are particularly effective in the Encontro-Camp. Living Gaia also offers a special framework for encounters with the indigenous culture and healing through its connection to the people of the Huni Kuin.

Txana Bane

Txana Bane is pioneer in traditional ceremonies Nixi Pae outside the villages and founder of the group Guardians of the forest Huni Kuin from Rio de Janeiro. Txana is the son of Sia, leader of the Huni Kuin of Jordao and also important leader of his people. He is currently sharing his time between the forest and Europe. Kathy Makuani, the German wife of Txana Bane, leads with him ceremonies in Europe and Brasili and asserts her influence in a balanced spirituality.

Batani Huni Kuin

Batani is a powerful woman. She is a single mother and was one of the two pioneers who ventured into Living Gaia for the first Encounter in 2016. Batani is the mother of 6 children. She lives in Jordan. She feels very heard in this new time and wants to deeply integrate the teachings of other cultures into their lives. To be painted by her doing very well.


Bunke is a very traditional woman who lives in the village with her children and her family. She was already visiting Europe with her husband. In the village she is a leader of the women, who strengthens the feminine spirit together with her sisters. Her voice is strong and she likes to play the guitar.

Joseane Mawapa

Joseane is a very young woman who lives and works in Rio Branco for several years. She comes for the third time to the Living Gaia Meeting.

Workshops, ceremonies, body work, encounters and much more. The Encontro Camp is an individually designed, varied mixture of nature experience, body work, Huni Kuin ceremonies, coaching sequences and parallel workshops on various topics.

We work with: theoretical input, group exercises, constellations, exercises for two, alone, in a team, perception exercises, guided visualizations. Fire and starry sky enchant us every evening.

The detailed Program can be found here

Prices, Arrival & Practical Information

Date: Sun 19.07. to Sat 25.07.2020
Arrival: 18.07.2020
Programme: 19.07. - 25.07.2020
Departure: 26.07.2020
Location: Living Gaia/Alto Paraíso, Brazil.

The nearest airport is Brasilia. Brasilia can be reached with TAP Portugal directly from Europe via Lisbon. We will be happy to help you organize the three-hour car or bus journey from Brasilia to Living Gaia / Alto Paraiso (250 km).

Prices for
Private individuals: 1.490 Euro (VAT-exempt)
Children from 5 - 15 years pay half price

The price includes seminar, accommodation, food and activities. The costs for arrival and departure to Living Gaia are not included.
The General Terms and Conditions (AGB) of Coaching Spirale GmbH apply.

Visit Living Gaia in the Chapada dos Veadeiros

We are happy to welcome pioneers, visitors and helpers when we are there ourselves. The next opportunity will be in the time from January - March 2020.

Accommodation: 25 Euro/day;  in a tent: 15 Euro/day
Catering: 15 Euro/day [for pioneers: no costs for accommodation]
For further information please write to

If you are interested, please enter your name on the bottom of the page to the e-mail distribution list and you will be informed whenever there is something new.