Information Evening

On Tuesday, October 9th 2018 the next information evening of Living Gaia will take place in Berlin.

Location: Living Gaia e.V., Berliner Str. 53, 10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, U-Bhf. Blissestraße

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We look forward to seeing you.

OTEPIC on Tour

Philip Odhiambo Munyasia, 36, from Kenya will comes in summer & autumn 2018 to Europe to present his project “OTEPIC”.

Philip lives and grew up in the slum “Mitume” in Kitale, a city in western Kenya. Hunger, violence, unemployment and tribal conflicts are the daily order. Already as a teenager he formulated his great vision of the real food revolution: Sustainable self nourishment, knowledge transfer and living in peace and harmony with nature.

After studies in the USA and Portugal, he returned to Kenya and found like-minded people. So OTEPIC was launched 10 years ago and his vision began to become reality.

Since the foundation, the project offered workshops and training and started sustainable food production after the permaculture principals.

Many obstacles have been overcome in the past 10 years. Today, the project cultivates three gardens on an area of 11 hectares. There is an orphanage, a dance group and many helpers and supporters. Among other things, two solar driven ground water pumping systems providing free access to clean drinking water for 3,000 people.

For the further development and transfer of know-how, an ecological and self-sufficient peace culture village with seminar centre is to be created.

OTEPIC brings hope and perspective to the poorest regions of Kenya and East Africa. Much has already been achieved, but there is still a lot to do before the whole vision becomes reality.

Where: Living Gaia e.V., Berliner Str. 53, 10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, U-Bhf. Blissestraße
When: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 at 19.30 h
Entrance fee: we will be glad about an donation for OTEPIC

Registration: please email us at

Visit Living Gaia in the Chapada dos Veiadeiros

This year we do not offer an event or retreat because we are focussing on building infrastructure. The next Encontro with people from the Huni Kuin will take place in July 2019.

We are happy to welcome pioneers, visitors and helpers when we are there ourselves. The next opportunity  will be in the time from January - March 2019.


Accommodation: 25 Euro/day;  in a tent: 15 Euro/day

Catering: 15 Euro/day

for pioneers, there are no costs for accommodation

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