Forest purchase in the Amazon

Sao Miquel

Due to current events, we are now calling on all people to donate money to buy land in the Brazilian rainforest for the preservation of the indigenous peoples, flora and fauna.

Why now?
Due to the election results in Brazil, the rainforest and the indigenous tribes are massively threatened. We are all called to protect the last great living forest - the lungs of the earth - and also the last retreat for untouched cultures. Deforestation has already increased by 84% since September this year.
So we have no more time to loose. It is time to act.

We want to make it possible for the befriended indigenous people to buy a piece of land in Acre, Brazil, in the community of Jordao. For over 5 years we have had personal contact with the Huni Kuin tribe - the true people.
++Update++ A new and much larger piece of land has opened up for the purchase. It is currently owned by a Brazilian farmer and is for sale. The location is strategically better as it borders on a small piece of land that is already privately owned by Huni Kuin on the Tarauacá River (bought about 20 years ago by the chief of Huni Kuin with prize money he won for a film). This larger piece of land also borders on land on the other side where UNCONTACTED Indigenous live. The acquisition of this piece of land would thus benefit both peoples. For this we have to collect about 300.000 Euro.
In principle, land is to be purchased in the Amazon region in order to bring it into the private possession of the indigenous people themselves and thus protect it from exploitation and offer the indigenous people a permanent habitat. What the reserves have achieved so far will no longer be safe in the future. The reserves are in state ownership and are now endangered.

At the end of January Alexandra travels to Brasilia and Jordao to work with local lawyers and environmental organisations, as well as organisations for the protection of indigenous people to draw up even more plans and maps. The donated money will be used to secure land for indigenous cultures while protecting the forest. We want to keep this project as transparent as possible.

Haux. Haux. (beginning, ending, harmony)

What can I do?
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