Welcome to Living Gaia! We are creating a Holistic Healing Biotope, a seminar and retreat center in the Chapada dos Veiadeiros in Brazil. Our focus is the relatioship between humans and the natural world. We want to contribute to understand this connection more deeply and create new ways of living in harmony. Here on this page you find a lot of information about Living Gaia. For more recent photos check our Facebook page.

Safe the Amazon!

Lecture on Tuesday 18th June from 7 till 9 pm @ Ecosia, Schinkestraße 9,12047 Berlin

Speakers: Bunke & Batani Huni Kuin, Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling (Living Gaia e.V.) and Fatima (Ecosia)

The current political situation in Brazil is devastating. The rainforest is and should be deforested and exploited even more ruthlessly. The human rights of the local indigenous people are being trampled underfoot. They are the only ones who protect the forest sustainably. At the beginning of the millennium, Brazil's government had formed its own government organisations to protect nature and indigenous peoples. These are being smashed by the current government. There are very few domestic or foreign NGOs that can take care of this situation now, because no contacts have been established for years as in other South American countries. .
In this lecture two women of the Huni Kuin (Batani & Bunke), an indigenous tribe from the Amazonas, tell how the situation under Bolsonaro is for them and how we can support them from Germany. Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling reports about the projects of Living Gaia e.V., an association for the preservation of the rainforest and cultural exchange between indigenous and non-Indigenous people.
The Amazon is the lung of the earth and we here are also dependent on it.

Together we are committed to drawing attention to and changing the currently threatening and human rights violating situation of the indigenous people in Brazil. We urgently need support and look forward to welcoming you to Ecosia. Please register via facebook event.

If you want to know more about our work and the Huni Kuin:

Encontro - Camp

Encontro 2017

The Encontro Camp will take place at Living Gaia. The Encontro Camp combines the Encontro format, which Alexandra has already conducted twice with her husband Dada on Living Gaia, with the many years of coaching experience in Berlin acquired together with Christin Colli.

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Fundraising campaign - Land purchase in the Amazon

The great Amazon
Press Kit

Due to current events, we are now calling on all people to donate money to buy land in the Brazilian rainforest for the preservation of the indigenous peoples, flora and fauna.

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What can I do?
Donate to our donation account, a donation receipt will be sent to you at the beginning of next year (please send your name, address and amount by email to contact@living-gaia.org).

Living Gaia e.V.
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or donate directy at betterplace.org

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We want to keep this project as transparent as possible, if you have further questions please contact us.

Video for our donation campaign

The guardians of the forest
The video of our donation campaign

An animated short film to support our current fundraising campaign by Living Gaia e.V. was made in February 2019 in cooperation with the Stop Motion Academy and the Bauhaus Universitä Weimar.
The film describes the function of the Amazon for the entire planet and emphasizes the importance of indigenous cultures for the conservation of the forest.
The detailed report on the workshop and the making of the film can be found here.

Living Gaia Video