Invest into the future - Living Gaia and the Amazon Rainforest

For Living Gaia to grow and develop we want to initiate a wide ring of supporters, that is contributing to the financial basis of Living Gaia in order to realize the different projects. We invite all friends of Living Gaia and the Amazon to contribute with a monthly amount of their choice.

Of course we also welcome any one-time donation. Extremely useful are donations for concrete projects.

Projects for Living Gaia

How to become a Supporter

Please simply fill the form below and send it, also if you donate only once. Please mention the keyword of the project at the bottom of the form under "Project Keyword". You can also write an email to indicating the monthly contribution you want to donate and transfer the money to the bank account as listed on the bottom of this page.

I. I would like to join the Living Gaia sponsorship circle.

II. I want to make a one-time donation to Living Gaia.

III. I want to give a loan to Living Gaia.

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Living Gaia Bank account:

Living Gaia e.V.
GLS Bank, account nr. 1150 198 600, banc code 430 609 67

IBAN: DE48 4306 0967 1150 1986 00