Sten Linnander, The earth says: I am with you

Sten clarifies in his book

The earth says: I am with you,

published 2013 by Neue Erde Verlag

what it is all about: an authentic contact and exchange with the earth itself. The recognition that the earth is a conscious being and that it is time for us to enter into a new relationship with it is, in our opinion, the prerequisite for a new way of living on earth and with it. This book is a wonderful introduction.

Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling & Christin Colli, Gemeinsam frei sein [only available in German]

In our book

Gemeinsam frei Sein: Wege ins Beziehungslück,

published 2008 by Orlanda Verlag

we examine the collective dimension of the relationship issue and make clear that a deeper understanding of our collective history is needed to enter a new age of relationships. We discuss why the issue is much bigger than it seems and what it has to do with our relationship to ourselves and to the greater whole. The topic of relationships often makes us despair because we are threatened to "fail" in our personal love relationships. In our book we take the topic out of this "personal narrowness" and encourage us to engage in a different understanding of men, women, love and intimacy.