Purchase a Living Gaia Certificate

The phase of the Living Gaia Pioneers and the Pioneer Bills has already ended.

Today, there is a community house, the bridge over the Sao Miguel - the accessibility in the rainy season allows - several houses and chalets for the stay, a campsite, a workshop, solar energy and water supply with spring water on the whole area.

So that all people who are interested in Living Gaia can stay there and experience the place directly, as well as other projects such as permaculture and water retention, we can make the following offer for a Living Gaia Certificate:

For 5.560 euros you can purchase a Living Gaia certificate.
A person may also acquire several such shares.

Anyone with a Living Gaia certificate can stay at Living Gaia for a lifetime of 30 days a year.

These 30 days are not transferable to next year, but can be transferred to another person in the same year. Food is not included.

If a person buys several Living Gaia notes, the residence time increases accordingly or it can be divided among several persons.

How to spend time on Living Gaia is up to you. You can go on vacation, participate in work or even advance your own projects. Exception: during an event that takes place on Living Gaia, you can only stay there if you (at a reduced price) take part yourself.

Photos from the pioneer camp and an impression of the pioneering life can be found on our Facebook page