Mission statement

Our Vision


  •  We envision prosperity, auto-sufficiency, and health of the Huni Kuin people in the Jordão region of Acre, Brazilian Amazon 
  • We contribute to conservation of the forest and all its living beings 
  • We foster the preservation of the Indigenous Huni Kuin culture 
  • We strengthen the voices of Indigenous Amazonians and especially the women 

Our Values


  • Indigenous Protagonism: Being instruments for the Indigenous cause. Supporting Indigenous initiatives instead of imposing ideas and concepts. Help to build organizational structures to empower the Indigenous struggle. 
  • Effective resource use: A great share of the organization’s running costs is being sponsored by Coaching Spirale, a coaching institute, whose director is Living Gaia’s founder. Projects are designed for greatest possible cost-effectiveness. Thanks to our capable partners on the ground, travels between Germany and Brazil are minimized 
  • Future orientation: Our initiatives are designed to guarantee long-term independence of the Huni Kuin in all life aspects 

Fields of activity

  •  Forest conservation & climate protection 

-         Establishing a 16000ha reserve (ongoing) 
-          Community-based biodiversity monitoring (ongoing) 
-          Reforestation (ongoing) 

  • Women’s empowerment 

-          Building up structures for self-organization (ongoing) 
-          Support in marketing arts and crafts (ongoing) 
-          University Scholarships for women (planned) 
-          Leadership scholarship for female Indigenous activists (planned) 

  • Health and alimentation 

-          Wells for clean drinking water (ongoing) 
-          Agroforestry systems (ongoing) 
-          Animal farming: fish farming, poultry farming (planned) 
-          Maternity houses (planned) 

  • Education 

-          University scholarships for women (planned) 

  • Economy 

-          Marketing of arts and crafts (ongoing) 
-          Agroforestry products (planned) 
-          Cosmetics (planned) 

  • Political articulation and cultural exchange 

-          Realizing female Huni Kuin representative tours in Europe (ongoing) 
-          Supporting Huni Kuin campaigns to reach an international audience (ongoing) 

How and where we work 

  • From Germany

-         Directing resources from the global north to the south: Collecting funds and donations in Europe to                       finance projects on the ground 

-          Projects are defined and designed in close collaboration with the Huni Kuin and our local and regional                  partner organizations. 

-          Coordinating projects in close collaboration with local partners 

-          Organizing tours through Europe for political articulation and cultural exchange 

-          Campaigns to raise awareness about the realities of Amazonian peoples 

  • On the ground/ in the forest

-          Executing and coordinating selected projects (biodiversity conservation and monitoring, women’s                          cultural center, women’s gathering)