Our Guidelines

Protection of the forest

We are establishing a conservation area of approximately 40,000 acres. Approximately 16,000 ha of this is primary forest with a rich flora and fauna. The protection of animal and plant species is managed in cooperation with the local population.

Indigenous self-determination

The Huni Kuin are part of all phases of the project. In the long term, they will take over the management of the land that originally belonged to them.


Physical and mental health are inextricably linked to access to intact nature. In addition, we support the Huni Kuin with access to clean drinking water and medical care.

Women's Empowerment

The organizational structures of women are supported. Women play a leading role in all decision-making processes. 

Climate Protection

1 ha of preserved Amazon forest secures up to 25t CO₂ per year. That's 4 million tons for the project area! Intact forests guarantee rainfall throughout South America.

Economic independence

Creating self-sustaining income opportunities from agroforestry to ecotourism, combining ancient traditions and modern approaches: showing the world that the forest is worth more intact than cut down.

Sustainable Development Goals

With our work we contribute to the following SDGs of the United Nations

SDG 5: Gender Justice
Since the beginning of our work we put a special focus on women's empowermen. We accompany the process of creating their own organisational structures in which they have the  decision power.

SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation
We have been supporting local organizations in constructing wells since 2016. A large-scale project for clean drinking water is currently being planned with a coalition of partner organizations.

SDG 13: Measures for climate protection
With the land purchase project, we are protecting an area of 16,800 hectares from deforestation. This contains around 6 million tons of CO2.

SDG 15: Life on land
The land purchase project protects the fauna and flora of the Amazon rainforest over an area of approximately 16,800 hectares.

SDG 17: Partnering to achieve the goals
We work closely with local organizations and supporters from Europe. We also support the formation of Huni Kuin organizations.

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