Clean drinking water

Unfortunately, most of the villages in the Jordão region lack clean drinking water. 
 The lack of clean water and adequate sanitation leads to high rates of waterborne diseases and child mortality in the Huni Kuin villages. 

The Upash project (Upash  = "water" in hatxã kuin, the language of the Huni Kuin) provides long-term access to clean water in the municipality of Jordão, Acre. The infrastructure being built locally consists of artesian wells with solar pumps with a depth of 30-60m.

Upash aims to improve the quality of life, especially for women and children. Well systems are being built in 20 villages in the region, which will directly supply around 1,700 people in total.

The project will be implemented together with our local partner organizations.

Good news!

Thanks to a generous individual donation, we can now start building the first two wells. Drilling will begin in the villages of Astro Luminoso and Nova Aliança in March 2024. These are the two villages most affected by the situation. We are currently collecting donations for wells in a further 18 villages.


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