Dear supporters of our project "Amazon land purchase"

Sao Miquel

thank you very much for your donations!

We are very happy and motivated to continue with our goal of creating and maintaining a safe, sustainable habitat for the Huni Kuin and the Amazon with its flora and fauna.

Over 40.000 Euros have been donated via and our Living Gaia bank account already!

Would you like to use a donation as a (birthday) gift?
Perfect, you can download an official donation receipt on your own if you donate via You can also enter the name in whose name you want to donate. You will receive all instructions in an email from after a successful donation.

You want to tell your family/friends/colleagues about the project and need some information in your hands?
You can download our flyer about the project free of charge online in a PDF version. There are two QR codes, so it's easier to get all the important information on your mobile phone. For a newer model the normal camera is sufficient, for older models a QR code scanner is required. Here is a link for QR scanners for Android or iOS. It is also a very good way to spread the project in a more sustainable and resource-saving way.

Would you like to get involved and support us?
Contact Marie or Alexandra and tell them about your specific ideas how you can support the project. Maybe you would like to organize a school donation run/marathon, a bazaar/flea market, singing circles/donation concerts. There are many possibilities, let's be creative together!


Benefit events

Two donation concerts have already taken place in Amsterdam and Berlin.

More than 850 Euro have been collected for our project. Many thanks to Hagar Michel for organizing both events.
We are looking forward to further benefit events on a larger or smaller scale. In Berlin we had delicious food and a singing evening in a private apartment. Everything is possible. Feel inspired.