Solar energy for Novo Natal

Novo Natal Solarenergie

Bixku, a young Huni Kuin man, then travelled together with Alexandra to Living Gaia, where he received an introduction to the handling of solar technology from Maurício from São Jorge.
With solar panels and voltage converters, cables and bulbs in his luggage, he returned to his home village Novo Natal, located on the Rio Jordão, and was now able to supply his entire village with solar power.

A house for Batani Huni Kuin and the Union of Women

Batani Huni Kuin mit Felicio

One project that had developed from our Encontro 2017 was the house purchase for Batani Huni Kuin.
Batani lives in Jordao, Acre, Brazil. Batani needs a house for herself and her six children. Jordao will also be the headquarters of the Women's Union, which we are founding together with the Huni Kuin women and whose chairman will be Batani.

Batani is a real power woman. She is a single mother and was one of the two pioneers who ventured to the first Encontro in Living Gaia in 2016. Last time she was there with her little son Felicio. A house for her and her family cost 10,750 Euros.
This house enables Batani to build an independent life and to give her children a future with education. Her children can go to school in Jordao and she can dedicate herself to her main craft, weaving, making clothes and jewellery.

With a place for the Women's Union, many women will have the opportunity to develop themselves further and to implement JOINT projects.