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Protecting and strengthening indigenous groups also protects the rainforest. Satellite images clearly show that only the areas inhabited by indigenous people in Brazil have experienced little deforestation.

To protect the forest and its inhabitants, we plan to enable the Huni Kuin to buy 16,800 hectares of land in the Jordão community.

The land is located between the Huni Kuin's land and uncontacted groups being pushed back into Brazil by Peru. We want both groups to benefit from this purchase. About one third of the land to be bought has been cleared and is to be reforested. The farmland is surrounded by intact forests. We hope that the reforestation will also help the wildlife in this region to recover. A centre for dialogue and exchange is also to be established.

The Huni Kuin live in 32 villages along the rivers Jordão and Tarauacá near the village of Jordão in the state of Acre, Brazil.

Uncontacted Indigenous Groups

There are groups of the Huni Kuin people who fled across the border to Peru after first contact with rubber collectors and have been living in isolation ever since. Over the past ten years, they have been pushed back to Brazil due to the activities of large corporations on the Peruvian side.

The land to be purchased will serve as a buffer zone between the contacted and uncontacted Huni Kuin, who are relatives and friends.


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News update Amazon landpurchase project

At the moment we are in the process of creating the conditions for establishing a foundation in Brazil together with representatives of Huni Kuin and other confidants from Brazil. This foundation can then initiate the purchase of land. The aim is therefore to make the foundation the owner of the territory.

Pedro and Rodrigo, our partners in Brazil have had the land documents checked by lawyers. It turned out that at the moment the documents would allow the immediate purchase of 5,300 hectares of the territory. For the remaining 11,500 hectares, the owner still has to submit the legal papers later. This will certainly be stimulated by the moment when the first part of the money is transferred.

So in order to buy these 5,300 hectares, the equivalent of 250,000 euros is needed, of which we already have 120,000 euros. As we unfortunately have to spend money on our own, we are only making slow progress at the moment. This will hopefully change soon with the support of Panorama3000.

It is important to keep in mind that buying these 5,300 hectares is only the first step.
In any case, the aim is to make a contract between the foundation and the owner for the rest of the territory, so that we can take the rest (11,800 hectares) into the ownership of the foundation as soon as we have the money for it. We will need another 500.000 Euro just to buy the land.
Then the reforestation of the deforested parts (about 300 hectares) will start. The long-term goal is to build a meeting centre for intercultural exchange and education on the piece of land. So there is still much to do and we are working our way forward.
(Status: 14.10.2020)



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Land purchase project

The destruction of the rainforest

The Brazilian government elected in 2018 is actively promoting the exploitation and destruction of the rainforest by enacting new laws and restricting labour and financial resources for the Environmental Agency (IBAMA), the National Foundation for Indigenous Peoples (FUNAI) and the National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

The species-rich habitat of the indigenous people is cleared for illegal logging, mining, quarrying, soya and sugar cane plantations. Since the election of the acting president, deforestation in the Amazon has increased dramatically.

The land rights of the indigenous people, which are documented in the Brazilian constitution, have in fact been abolished. In 2019, tribal areas and national parks were more exposed to invasive destruction than ever before. Most of the cleared land is used for intensive livestock breeding and agriculture. As a result of large-scale deforestation, the climate is warming. Droughts and floods are on the increase.

The thin layer of humus typical of the rainforest quickly erodes and desertification occurs.

Let's safe this precious biotope with its extraordinary, unique flora and fauna together:
For the Huni Kuin, for the animals, for the plants, and on a global scale for us and our future as well.