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Alexandra describes her arrival on Living Gaia in January 2020 and the harmony with the cycles of nature.



In the podcast series "Ich Wir Alle" by SHORT CUTS Alexandra talks about the history of the sexes, about the fact that sexuality is much more than we often think and how important it is for us to return to love, starting with love for the organism earth.



In the 4th maaS - issue Alexandra reports what motivated her to manifest Living Gaia.

Article @ Plan A - News from the climate front

The article, written by Alexandra, explains very precisely the current situation in Brazil, the historical &]political background and the important role of the (un)contacted Indians for us & our planet.

The article was published on the first data-based platform for action to combat climate change - Plan A . There you can also support our Amazonas land purchase project financially.
Promoting indigenous land ownership helps to protect the forest and all its inhabitants and creates a buffer zone for the 'uncontacted' in Acre, Brazil.

Article & interview @ Taz

Txana Bane, Stammeshäuptlingssohn
Txana Bane, Stammeshäuptlingssohn

We are very pleased that our project is also getting public attention.

The article on the land purchase project and the current situation in Brazil appeared in the print edition of the German Taz newspaper on January 2 in 2019 and also online.

The interview with Txana Bane & Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling was published on the online portal of the Taz.

A very big thank you to Jana Petersen!

PLEASE NOTE: Interview & article were written in late 2018, where was an offer for a smaller piece of land in the community of Jordão.