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Alexandra describes her arrival on Living Gaia in January 2020 and the harmony with the cycles of nature.



In the podcast series "Ich Wir Alle" by SHORT CUTS Alexandra talks about the history of the sexes, about the fact that sexuality is much more than we often think and how important it is for us to return to love, starting with love for the organism earth.



In the 4th maaS - issue Alexandra reports what motivated her to manifest Living Gaia.

Article @ Plan A - News from the climate front

The article, written by Alexandra, explains very precisely the current situation in Brazil, the historical &]political background and the important role of the (un)contacted Indians for us & our planet.

The article was published on the first data-based platform for action to combat climate change - Plan A . There you can also support our Amazonas land purchase project financially.
Promoting indigenous land ownership helps to protect the forest and all its inhabitants and creates a buffer zone for the 'uncontacted' in Acre, Brazil.

Living Gaia with Bunke & Batani @ Ecosia

Präsentation bei Ecosia
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On June 18th in 2019, we presented our land purchase project in the Amazon at Ecosia. Batani and Bunke from the tribe of Huni Kuin who are here in Berlin have enriched the evening with their presence and their songs and touched us all.

The presentation goes into detail about the current political situation in Brazil and informs about how the consequences are already evident after a few months in the Amazon. It becomes clear that there is an urgent need for action and that it really depends on US ALL to do something. We explain in detail what it is about. Many thanks to Olaf von Voss for the professional recording. Many thanks to Ecosia  for hosting us.

Article & interview @ Taz

Txana Bane, Stammeshäuptlingssohn
Txana Bane, Stammeshäuptlingssohn

We are very pleased that our project is also getting public attention.

The article on the land purchase project and the current situation in Brazil appeared in the print edition of the German Taz newspaper on January 2 and also online.

The interview with Txana Bane & Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling was published on the online portal of the Taz.

A very big thank you to Jana Petersen!

PLEASE NOTE: Interview & article were written in late 2018, where was an offer for a smaller piece of land in the community of Jordão.


Lecture on the situation of indigenous people under the Bolsonaro government

Txana Bane Huni Kuin, tribal chief's son

On February 21st, the lecture "Brazil - targeting indigenous people - Bolsonaros battle announcement to climate and rainforest" had been taking place in the foreign ministry.

Many thanks to Survival International and Deutsch-Brasilianische Gesellschaft - Tópicos for giving Txana Bane Huni Kuin the opportunity to share his personal point of view of the current Brazilian situation.

The DBG has already published a post about the event via Facebook (in German).

A dear friend Birgit brilliantly summarized the evening with following words:

"Indigenous are the best guardians of the forest.
According to Survival International, Indians should be at the forefront of climate and environmental organisations because they know best how to do it. A key element in the already dramatic climate changes and chain reactions is the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. If the Amazon rainforest tilts by becoming too dry and catching fire or turning into a savannah, the earth lacks the most important remaining CO2 storage. If this tipping effect occurs, it will also be life-threatening for us.
To our horror, the trend in Brazil since the election of Bolsonaro continues towards deforestation and persecution, respectively murder of indigenous people and environmentalists. "There is a systematic war being waged against the earth," said a journalist present tonight.
Therefore, the protection of the indigenous people and their territories is a triad that is also important for our survival: protection for the people, for the precious and irretrievable biodiversity and for the global climate."

Original post by Birgit Permantier on Facebook on the 21st of February in 2019.

A special encounter of the artistic-activist kind @ Bauhaus University Weimar

Click the video for our donation campaign
Click the video for our donation campaign

At the beginning of February 2019, the Stop Motion Academy organized an interdisciplinary workshop for young people, students and animation enthusiasts at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. The organizer and leader of the workshop, Marcus Grysczok, became aware of the Living Gaia e.V. project at the beginning of January through a taz article about the situation of the indigenous Huni Kuin tribe in Brazil and an interview with Txana Bane, son of the chief of the Huni Kuin, to support the indigenous tribe in buying land.


With this project, Living Gaia e.V. wants to make its contribution to preserving the endangered Amazon with its unique flora, fauna and indigenous cultures. This is particularly important now that right-wing populist President Jair Bolsonaro has been in power in Brazil since early January. In his first official act, the president put the future of the Earth's lungs and the guardians of traditional knowledge at risk. Reserves of indigenous people are to be re-measured by the Ministry of Agriculture. This threatens the existence of many tribes.

Living Gaia e.V. was founded in 2013 in Berlin by Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling. The association has close ties to Brazil: Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling runs the holistic healing biotope of the same name, Living Gaia, in Alto Paraiso in Central Brazil. At the same time, she has for many years cultivated a friendship with the indigenous Huni Kuin tribe in the state of Acre on the border with Peru. Huni Kuin, the "true people", that's what they call themselves. A purchase of land is to secure the future of the tribe, a large area in the Amazon (approx. 14,000 ha) is to be reforested. At present, the land for sale is being used by a Brazilian farmer for livestock breeding. The Huni Kuin can purchase the land for the equivalent of around 300,000 euros. Living Gaia e.V. then launched the "Amazonas Land Purchase Project". The donations should preserve and restore the indispensable nature and habitat of the Huni Kuin.

Marcus Grysczoks vision is to combine art and social activism and to inspire children and young people. A short animated movie was to be made as part of his workshop. He invited Txana Bane, the chief son of Huni Kuin and Marie Buhaienko of Living Gaia e.V. They told the participants about the project and the history and tradition of the Huni Kuin, brought a breath of the rainforest with its colours, smells and songs to Weimar. In the days before, the participants received an introduction to the basic techniques of animation and were now able to create a storyline for the short film. The stories and fate of the chief's son inspired the participants.

It is an art in itself to juggle between the skills and knowledge of the workshop participants - and to involve everyone equally in the working process. Marcus Grysczok has done just that. In times of young activists like Greta Thunberg and a huge task like the climate crisis, he manages to lead younger people artistically into the topic and to get them enthusiastic about activism. Everyone was able to profit, learn and grow from this day on many levels.

A big thank you goes to Marcus Grysczok, who made the cooperation and the Bauhaus University Weimar possible. Thanks also to Txana Bane. It is a rare and wonderful opportunity to listen to an indigenous voice here in Germany.

We are very excited about this great video!

A report by Marie Buhaienko, March 2019