Encontro Camp 2021

Immerse into another world

With the Living Gaia Encontro Camp in Brazil we invite you to a seminar of a special kind. Living Gaia is a unique place surrounded by nature, not far from Alto Paraíso de Goiás, in the Chapada dos Veadeiros. "Encontrar" - means find, meet, encounter in Brazilian.

The Encontro Camp is part of our vision of a holistic healing biotope: a seminar and training center for personality development, intercultural exchange, permaculture, water retention landscapes, cooperation skills and a culture of peace. Collective themes, such as the understanding of the connection between our dealings with femininity, as well as with nature, enable new self-perception and new actions (whether as a man or as a woman).

A fascinating place where, in community with others, the ancient knowledge of the indigenous Huni Kuin people from the Amazon is combined with our many years of coaching experience. It is our wish to support a change in us and in the world with the Encontro Camp, to connect cultures and to make the meaning of nature tangible for people.

The next informational evening for the Encontro Camp in 2021 will take place on January 14th at 7.30 pm via Zoom (online registration form).

Afterwards there is the possibility to travel with us to Jordão, Acre, Brazil, the home of the Huni Kuin. For further information click here.

Who we would like to address

On the one hand, our Encontro Camp is aimed at people who already know us and who are interested in going deeper with us. It is also aimed at all people who would like to have a new experience of being connected to the natural world and who are interested in exchanging experiences with indigenous cultures. In the various workshops and offers, from which you can choose, all levels, i.e. body, mind and soul, are addressed and included. Beyond your role in everyday life - as a private person, couple, mother, parents, employee, entrepreneur or self-employee - the time in the camp offers you the framework for a special encounter with yourself. Children and teenagers are very welcome and are looked after with their own programme during selected workshops.

In the quartet with their partners Dada and Claudio, Alexandra and Christin offer a transforming framework within the retreat "Encontro Camp", by what is present on Living Gaia and has already been created blends in a special way with their joint coaching work in Berlin. Embedded in the natural world, discussion rounds, personal processes and constellations are particularly effective in the Encontro-Camp, like workshops, ceremonies, body work, encounters and much more. The Encontro Camp is an individually designed, varied mixture of nature experience, body work, Huni Kuin ceremonies, coaching sequences and parallel workshops on various topics.

We work with: theoretical input, group exercises, constellations, exercises for two, alone, in a team, perception exercises, guided visualizations. Fire and starry sky enchant us every evening.

Here are some pictures of our last Encontro Camp in 2019 and a travelogue of a participant, taking part in the Encontro Camp and travelling to the Amazon rainforest to visit the Huni Kuin.

Prices, Arrival & Practical Information

Date: 25th to 31st of July

Location: Living Gaia/Alto Paraíso, Brazil.

The nearest airport is Brasilia. Brasilia can be reached with TAP Portugal directly from Europe via Lisbon. We will be happy to help you organize the three-hour car or bus journey from Brasilia to Living Gaia / Alto Paraíso (250 km).

Prices for
Private individuals: 1.490 Euro (VAT-exempt)
Children from 5 - 15 years pay half price

The price includes seminar, accommodation, food and activities. The costs for arrival and departure to Living Gaia are not included.
The General Terms and Conditions (AGB) of Coaching Spirale GmbH apply.

The Living Gaia Certificate

The phase of Living Gaia Pioneers and Pioneer Certificates is already completed.

Today there is a community house, the bridge over the São Miguel - which allows accessibility in the rainy season - several houses and chalets for the stay, a camping site, a workshop, solar energy and water supply with spring water all over the site.

In order that all people who are interested in Living Gaia can stay there and experience the place directly, as well as other projects such as permaculture and water retention, we make following offer for a Living Gaia certificate:

For 5.560 Euro you can buy a Living Gaia ticket.
One person can also buy several of these shares.

Everyone with a Living Gaia Certificate can stay on Living Gaia for 30 days per year for life.

These 30 days are not transferable to the next year, but they can be transferred to another person in the same year. Costs for food are not included.

If one person purchases more than one Living Gaia ticket, the length of stay increases accordingly or can be split between several people.

How you use your time on Living Gaia is up to you. You can go on holiday, work with us or even promote your own projects.

Exception: during an event taking place on Living Gaia you can only stay there if you take part yourself (then at a reduced price, e.g. the Encontro Camp).

You are interested in a Living Gaia certificate? Please send an e-mail to contact@living-gaia.org.