About Living Gaia e.V.

The association Living Gaia e.V. was founded in 2013 by Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling in Berlin. It cooperates with the Indigenous Huni Kuin people in the state of Acre in the Brazilian Amazon.

If you want to get to the Healing Biotope of the same name "Living Gaia" in Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil, you can find out more information here, such as about the next Encontro with the Huni Kuin.

Donation and association account:
Living Gaia e.V.
IBAN: DE48 4306 0967 1150 1986 00


Transparency is important to us. This is why we have joined the Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ).

We are committed to make the following ten pieces of information available to the public and keeping them up to date:


1) Name, registered office, address and year of foundation

Living Gaia e.V. was founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Berlin and is registered at the district court of Charlottenburg under the association register number VR 32972 B.


Living Gaia e.V.
Berlin Str. 53
10713 Berlin

2) Complete statutes and information on the organisation's objectives

Association statutes (PDF-Download)

"Living Gaia" stands for the promotion of education about the natural and earthbound resources of the planet.

The association collects donations in order to implement sustainable projects in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation and to present them as model projects.

Furthermore, Living Gaia e.V. has the goal of combining the knowledge and wisdom of the indigenous cultures of the Amazon with the knowledge and wisdom of western cultures. With the long lasting relationship to the indigenous people of the Huni Kuin, successful projects and sub-goals have already been implemented, such as cultural exchange, as well as further education measures (including solar energy).

3) Information on tax relief

The corporation Living Gaia e.V. (tax number 27/671/56281) is exempt from corporate income tax pursuant to § 5 (1) No. 9 of the Corporate Income Tax Act and from trade tax pursuant to § 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act, because it exclusively and directly serves tax-privileged charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 51 et seq. AO serves. The last notice of exemption received by us was issued by the Tax Office for Corporations I, Berlin and is valid until 03 November 2021.

4) Name and function of key decision-makers

Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, Chairwoman of the Board
Christin Colli, Vice-Chairwoman of the Board
Klaus Trenz, Treasurer

The executive committee works on a voluntary basis.

5) Activity report

Annual report 2021

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

6) Personnel structure


Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, Chairwoman of the Association's Board of Directors and Managing Director, volunteer
Simon Knoop, permanent project manager
Jaci Meinhold, honorary employee
Marie Buhaienko, honorary

and many helpers and supporters who organize events on a voluntary basis or otherwise make themselves useful

7) Information on the source of funds

In 2021, the revenues amounted to 357.295,96 €. The amounts of each revenue item are shown in the profit and loss account (coming soon in point 8: financial statement).

In 2020, the revenues amounted to 114.591,75 €. The amounts of each revenue item are shown in the profit and loss account (see point 8: financial statement).

In 2019, the revenues amounted to 95,510.66 €. The amounts of each revenue item are shown in the profit and loss account (see point 8: financial statement).

Membership fees

The membership fees of individual members amounted to 700 €.


From 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021, the income from donations amounted to 356.595,96 €.

8) Information on the use of funds

Financial statement 2020 at 31.12.2020

Financial statement 2019 at 31.12.2019

9) Company law affiliation with third parties

does not exist

10) Names of persons whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total annual budget



"In Germany there are no uniform publication requirements for non-profit organisations. Transparency helps to make their own work comprehensible to the public as well as to donors, thus strengthening trust and credibility". More about the Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Transparency Germany).