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Alto Paraíso, Brasil - The location of the Living Gaia project

The area of Living Gaia is 240 hectares. It is bordered on its narrow side of the valley by the River Sao Miguel (in the upper left of the graphic) and then stretches uphill (lower right of the graphic). Two springs originate in the hills, flow downhill and open into the river Sao Miguel. The water is fresh and clear and has a wonderfulg quality.

We bought the land in 2011. Since then we opend access to it by reopening an old street. We buildt a small bridge over one of the creeks. We buildt a camp site with a kitchen and two toilets and showers. We have buildt a first Community House from Adobe and we carved several hundred meters of tube to establish a well functioning water supply. In 2016 we built the big bridge over the Sao Miguel to make Living Gaia accessible all year round. This bridge is located on the neighbouring farm. Since then, construction is progressing faster and we are now finishing houses and chalets.


The photos below are taken from Living Gaia. For new pictures please check the Facebook of Living Gaia.