The Vision

Love the Earth | Love yourself | Love each other

It is our Vision to build a seminar and training center for personal development, peace culture, cooperation competences, community building, permaculture, and water retention landscapes. We want to provide a direct experience of an alternative to the way our world is dealing with the daily life challenges. Therefore we need to create spaces where alternative ways get a chance. Sustainable technologies, new ways of living together and more open ways to communicate need to be established. In most parts of our lives we are still extremely influenced by traditions and habits. It is time to explore new ways with fantasy, love and confidence. On the long run we also want to establish a socially and ecologically sustainable, open community.

We envision creating edible cultivated landscapes called Agrofloresta, a water retention landscape that shows how the water cycle on Earth can be healed. There will be opportunities for recreation and personal development in various forms. The land offers a direct experience of the possibilities of the Earth as a living being – inspiration through self-development, dance, music, art and rituals, contact to the elements, minerals, to plants and animals.

We plan individual dwellings for visitors and guests, so that people can live there, educate themselves, spend time there, collaborate and shape.

This vision is inspired by visits and contact with people from Tamera, Portugal and the Zentrum für experimenttelle Lebensgestaltung (ZEGG) in Belzig south of Berlin. In Tamera the Healing Biotope I emerged and large parts of the vision have been already established there. We need more places in the world that offer a direct experience of this connected approach to life.