What is Living Gaia?

Mountain Ganesha in fog

Living Gaia is a holistic healing biotope in progress in Brazil. We have bought the land in 2011. Through our website we would like to inform all interested people about the project, its location, the background, the different projects and the possibilities to participate.

Why in Brazil?

In Brazil, the omnipresent abundance and presence of nature can be experienced directly. The warm climate alone reduces the perceived distance from nature. In Brazil, celebrating life is embedded in culture, people celebrate the joy of life in music and dance without inhibitions. The body is much more invigorated and has not experienced a comparable devaluation through the primacy of the mind. Brazil is the ideal country for Living Gaia.

Why Living Gaia?

we consider Planet Earth a living organism in evolution. The organism reaches from its center far up into the atmosphere. Humans are a part of this organism. With the name Living Gaia we want to reconnect with an old tradition.

Living Gaia - the land

View of the Living Gaia region

Living Gaia is an area of almost 300 hectares. It is located 40 km west of Alto Paraiso and 10 km west of the village of São Jorge, where the entrance to the National Park is located.

Living Gaia is a hilly area bordered on one side by the São Miguel river. Two other streams have their source there and flow into São Miguel on the site.

We have made a nice demonstration on Google Earth to show the exact location of the site. If you are interested, we will be happy to send you this file by e-mail - please write to contact@living-gaia.org.

How it all began

Read here the complete narrative of Alexandra and Magdalena about Living Gaia, how they found the land or:
How the land found them!

When I was little, I dreamed of talking to the animals, I dreamed of being an Indian and moving smoothly and deftly through the forest. I imagined how I cultivated friendship with all kinds of animals and in this imagination I felt happy, complete and connected.

When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered: I want to have a farm. This came closest to my above dream in the conventional sense. So I dared to express my wish without having to fear to be strange. For I had learned early on that my longing to talk to the animals and to be in communication with the elements was dismissed by my fellow men as stupid and childish. Nevertheless, I never doubted this basic possibility, but I learned to transform it into social interests such as the study of anthropology, ethnology and pre- and early history. But even then, I quickly realized that my real desires would not be fulfilled..."


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