What is Living Gaia?

Living Gaia is a holistic healing biotope in Brazil. We purchased the land in 2011 and are in the building process. With this website we would like to comprehensively inform all who are interested in the project, its location, the background, various plans and ideas and – most importantly – about the opportunities to participate.

Why Brazil?

In Brazil, the overall presence and richness of nature can be directly experienced. The warm climate reduces the perceived distance from nature. In Brazil there is no tradition as in Europe to cultivate suffering and pain in order to feel yourself. Instead, the people celebrate the joy of life in music and dance without constraint. The body is given significantly more attention and has experienced no similar devaluation through the primacy of the mind like it did in Europe. Brazil is the ideal country for Living Gaia.

Why Living Gaia?

The earth is still commonly regarded as dead matter, which is freely available and can be exploited. For many years the ecological movement directed public attention towards nature, until now, however, in a rather superficial way looking at the cost / benefit aspect of it. The disappearance of rain forests for example is seen as a probleme mostly because it reduces the CO2 absorption - not because precious natural diversity is lost.

We see the Earth as a living being of which all form of life are a part of. We are all related, our cells speak the same language, we can communicate and understand one another; we can develop new solutions of peaceful and joyful cooperation – the secret ingredient to evolution.

For most people this worldview is rather unfamiliar. Few see the earth beneath their feet and the natural world around us as a partner to communicate with. The occidental religions of Mesopotamia and Greece saw the earth as chaos that had to be conquered and tamed. For this reason we have called the project "Living Gaia." We want to personify the earth, just as the sky was personified. Personification, as one of the oldest methods of worship, is a tool for humans to feel a sense of intimacy and personal relationship with the personified object. Personification helps us to grasp the earth as a whole, acting like a collective flood light on an object of interest.

The sky ruler of the Chinese, the Greek hero and god Zeus, Jehovah, God the Father, Allah - they all emerged as the personification of the higher heavenly powers. Because the earth is not "up" but beneath our feet, it is has been devalued now for many thousands of years. It was not always like this. Gaia was worshiped from early times to the beginning Middle Ages as a personified power under many different names.

We want to revive this kind of worship and respect. Therefore, we invite you to join Living Gaia. Gaia is all around us; we can touch and experience her. Perceiving the earth consciously, listening carefully to the diversity of its manifestations, feeling her around us - we want to learn again how to understand her messages. The living earth, Gaia is a mystery. Fortunately we will never understand her completely, but we can approach her with reverence; in our thoughts and our emotions, in the way we experience her and then act accordingly.