Welcome to Living Gaia! We are creating a Holistic Healing Biotope, a seminar and retreat center in the Chapada dos Veiadeiros in Brazil. Our focus is the relatioship between humans and the natural world. We want to contribute to understand this connection more deeply and create new ways of living in harmony. Here on this page you find a lot of information about Living Gaia. For more recent photos check our Facebook page.




tl_files/livinggaia/images/content/IMG-20181109-WA0011.jpgFundraising campaign - Forest purchase in the Amazon

Due to current events, we are now calling on all people to donate money to buy land in the Brazilian rainforest for the preservation of the indigenous peoples, flora and fauna.

Over 26,000 euros have already been collected! Please support and share our project. Thank you very much!

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What can I do?
Donate to our donation account, a donation receipt will be sent to you at the beginning of next year (please send your name, address and amount by email to contact@living-gaia.org).

Living Gaia e.V.
IBAN: DE48 4306 0967 1150 1986 00
Keyword: Amazon land purchase



or donate directy at betterplace.org

Donate now! This donation form is provided by betterplace.org.


We want to keep this project as transparent as possible, if you have further questions please contact us.


Encontro - Camp


from 20-28th July 2019

The Encontro Camp will take place at Living Gaia. The Encontro Camp combines the Encontro format, which Alexandra has already conducted twice with her husband Dada on Living Gaia, with the many years of coaching experience in Berlin acquired together with Christin Colli.

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Information Evening in Berlin on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

at 7.00 pm in Living Gaia e.V., Berliner Straße 53, 10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, U-Bhf. Blissestraße

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