Welcome to Living Gaia! We are creating a Holistic Healing Biotope, a seminar and retreat center in the Chapada dos Veiadeiros in Brazil. Our focus is the relatioship between humans and the natural world. We want to contribute to understand this connection more deeply and create new ways of living in harmony. Here on this page you find a lot of information about Living Gaia. For more recent photos check our Facebook page.

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Exchange Camp with women from the Huni Kuin

In July 2017 we had our second Exchange camp with people of the Huni Kuin. One result is a campagne for Batani Huni Kuin.

what it is all about you can read here

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Participate and tackle in

througout the year there are possiblities to partcipate and tackle in depending on if we are there. For more information please contact us at contact@living-gaia.org.